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Blocks and Traps

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Tan Sao (Dispersing Hand)

Wing Chun defense deflects attacks as opposed to direct force-on-force. This allows the weaker person to gain leverage over a stronger opponent.

Tan Sau (dispersing Hand) is a good way to deal with mid-level straight attacks.

Begin in the half squat position with your hands up. Move your palm up and out from your center. Your elbow should end up about a fist-and-a-half length away from your body. Turn your whole body to the side . Your hand and body turns together and your waist does the work, not your arm. Put your other hand inside, ready for defense. Relax your lead hand to the normal fighting stance position and then swap your lead hand. Turn to your other side using turning stance with Tan Sau. Use half the turn of the turning stance exercise. Relax your hand and repeat the process.

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