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Pak Sao (Slaping Hand)

The Pak-Sao block is very effective block to use as a default because of the universal applications of this block.

Pak sao used to deflect hits!

“Pak sao (slapping hand) is a short slapping movement that is used to deflect hits. It’s useful in all the directions starting at the central line. Pak sao should not go further than the opposite shoulder. As it cover the central line, it gives your opponent a chance to trap you if you do the movement slowly.” - GM William Cheung

Pak Sao is a very simple movement: with the help of elbow you need to move the hand forward and slightly to the side, deflecting the incoming punch and changing its trajectory. In practice, it’s not so simple. Many things may lead to the fact that we do it wrong: our fears (what if my partner hits me? what if I miss? what if I am late? what if too early?..), lack of attention on the current moment cause the mistakes in the movement – too far over the opposite shoulder, or it goes only ahead, but not to the side, or Pak Sao misses the punching hand completely. As a result, our nose or chin gets the punch if our partner hits correctly, we become tense (I don’t want to get hit again!), tension makes things even more complicated, and we miss the punch again.

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